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The “Trainer the Trainer” program is for anyone who desires to become better at facilitation and training. The program spectrum is designed in such a way that you get skilled at experiential and well as conventional styles of training. The research team of ‘BusinessUniv – Academy of Exceptional Competence‘ has brought the most influential ways to train and facilitate.

‘Building Experiences – The cornerstone of the Immersive TTT’

You have vivid memories of what you have learned with life experiences.  This is exactly what you will learn to re-create during your training session when you undergo this immersive ‘Train The Trainer’ programme. The purpose of this program is to help you become an experiential trainer who can help his or her participants to step into an experience, aligned with the learning objectives.

If you want to make your mark as an exceptional trainer or facilitator, then this ‘Train the Trainer’ program is your best choice. It is truly beyond the ordinary, and is designed to bring out the best in you.

Who is this Train the Trainer course for?

  • side1Individuals who want a recognized, professional qualification to enhance their career prospects
  • Facilitators & trainers who wish to learn the art of experiential facilitation and improve their skill set
  • HR professionals who want to deliver in-house programs
  • Experts who run public programs and workshops, and want to it more effectively
  • Individuals who want to move ahead in the area of training, facilitation, learning & development
  • Self employed & business owners who want to deliver their own courses
  • Skilled professionals & consultants who want to train others and build a career in training & facilitation
  • People with an interest in experiential system of facilitation

Discover new training methods

The training field is growing & changing fast. New ways to train adults and young adults are being uncovered each day. This powerful program puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips. You will become confident facilitator, not just a presenter. The way you will build immersive experiences during your sessions will engage your participants fully and will have a wonderful feedback for you.

The objectives of ‘Train the Trainer – Immersive’ programme

side2Once you complete this program successfully, you are expected to be a skilful facilitator who can exhibit the following:

  • Understand and explain how adults learn differently
  • Identify behaviour & learning styles of the participants and adapt to the same
  • Using real-time information from participants as a start point and steer to the learning objectives.
  • Present information in a simple yet engaging fashion
  • Use activities whenever necessary to inculcate or deep embed learnings
  • Using Visual Aids when required
  • Have solid strategies to handle disruptive participants
  • Be a truly engaging, experiential facilitator and bring maximum benefit to the participants of your program,

side3The five main super-focus areas

This training emphasises on the three pillars of adult learning.

  • Building Immersive Experiences with Activities
  • Using Conventional Training with Experiential Methods
  • Using Storytelling to Bring Change
  • Using Real-Time Feedback to enhance impact
  • Deep Integration by the alignment with Learning Outcomes

What does Ashish Sehgal say about this ‘Train the Trainer’ programme:

In my experience spreading over 3 decades, I have found that the training that are based on experiences that touch the participants hearts, have a lasting impact. The art of effective training is the create an experience that is well aligned with the learning objectives, and allow time for deep integration. I have created this program for people who want to make their mark as exceptional trainers and facilitators.

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