Train the Trainer – Home Study Course & Certification

Now, you can avail this wonderful opportunity to train yourself and qualify yourself as a certified trainer, from the comfort of your home or office. The TTT @ Home course is beneficial for all those how may find it difficult to come for a TTT course to our seminars.

Be a Trainer par excellence. Be exceptional.

The “Trainer the Trainer – Home Study Course” program is for anyone who desires to become better at facilitation and training. The program spectrum is designed in such a way that you get skilled at experiential and well as conventional styles of training. The research team of ‘BusinessUniv – Academy of Exceptional Competence‘ has brought the most influential ways to train and facilitate.

Who is this Train the Trainer course for?

Individuals who want a recognized, professional qualification to enhance their career prospects and want to do it at home.

  • Facilitators & trainers who wish to learn the art of experiential facilitation and improve their skill set
  • HR professionals who want to deliver in-house programs
  • Experts who run public programs and workshops, and want to it more effectively
  • Individuals who want to move ahead in the area of training, facilitation, learning & development
  • Self-employed & business owners who want to deliver their own courses
  • Skilled professionals & consultants who want to train others and build a career in training & facilitation.

How can I undertake my TTT Home Study Course?

  1. Enroll in the TTT@Home Study Course
  2. Pay Fee Online or via NEFT
  3. Course Manuals will be sent to you
  4. Study at Home
  5. Watch & Learn from presentations
  6. Make your own presentations/videos for submission
  7. Attend an Online Q/A Session
  8. Send the Evaluation Sheets
  9. Send a Final Presentation / Video for Evaluation
  10. Evaluation Sheets & Presentation / Video shall be checked and evaluated by our team.
  11. Based on Evaluation, receive your printed & signed TTT Certification via Courier
Complete within
10 to 90 Days
at your own speed!
Submit your presentations/videos
Be Evaluated by Experts
Certification Approved by IINLP

Regular Fee: Rs 20,000.00.  Discounted Fee: Rs 9999 only.


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