4 Important skills you require to be a successful corporate trainer

How to be an excellent corporate trainer?

Corporate Trainer's TrainingThis is one of the most asked question at my seminars.

How does one become an excellent  corporate trainer. Being is trainer is one of the most sought after profession that not only helps you to be a financially successful person but also fulfil your own passions are dreams.

Being a trainer helps you help others get what they want in life. It is an immensely satisfying profession. Moreover, with the growth of awareness in the corporate world about the importance of trainings, the profession has become a choice of millions around the world.

So, how do you begin your journey of being a corporate trainer?

Being a trainer starts with a passion, learning of skills and taking some important steps towards you career as a professional corporate trainer.

The 4 most important personal skills for trainers

Corporate Trainer's Training Let us first talk about the 4 important skills your require to be a corporate trainer.

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Desire to learn
  3. Confidence
  4. Sales & Marketing Skills

Communication Skills

Immaculate communication skills, flawless flow of thoughts into words and being a good speaker as well as a good listener will help you become the trainer you want to be it. You must have command over your communication skills. The right balance of politeness and firmness in your communications is a must. Polish your communication skills each time you are in a talk. Observe, learn, practice and master your communication.

Desire to learn

A trainer must have an unending thirst for learning. Be an open learner. This desire to learn more and more will get you ahead in life as a skilled corporate trainer. Enhance your knowledge with a multitude of relevant topics that you feel can be important for you in your trainings as well as life. For example, learning about sales while conducting a sales training is going to be good for you own work. Learning and training goes hand in hand. Keep learning.


Confidence is an extremely important internal resource.

Being confident is a state of mind that is calm, stable and present. A good trainer is always present to the time and context of the session. His / her confidence also comes from his state of preparedness and ability to make best use of whatever is presented to him in real time. The automatic confidence to walk in a session and be the star facilitator is a must desired personal skill for any trainer.

Sales & Marketing Skill

Most trainers often hesitate from selling their services and secretly desire that someone else can take this responsibility. Some trainers are fortunate to hire an excellence manager who knows well about marketing their client to the industry, selling his services as well as building relationships on behalf of the client. In most cases, trainers have to be the forefront of their campaign. If you are a freelance corporate trainer, and you hesitate to talk about your services in a professional manner, It is going to be a difficult path ahead. So sharpen you Sales & Marketing skill and rule the world.

How do I train myself for these skills?

Train the Trainer – Immersive’ is an experiential program that helps you embed these 4 core personal skills in your life. The range of experiences you gain during this program help you become the star corporate trainer you have always wanted to be.  Click here for a no-obligation call with Ashish Sehgal to understand how this Trainer’s Training is the most important step you will ever take be at the next level towards yoru dream career.

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